Tuesday, February 11, 2020

UAE movie review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

UAE - Movie Review Example or a person who has not visited Dubai, it may get difficult to imagine that like any other bustling Western metropolitan, Dubai also has a side that is sordid, sad and ironic. Hence, simply speaking, City of Life presents a realistic perspective on Dubai, where a few manage to relish a life of abundance and luxury, while many happen to lead a life of drudgery and frustration. A diverse and multiethnic cast in the movie, with characters affiliated to an array of ethnic, cultural and socio-economic background, the viewers can readily empathize with the travails of each specific character, who is trying to seek out a meaning in an urban society that favors material success, conformity and competition. It will be indeed true to say that at a personal level I really identified with the dilemmas faced by many characters in the movie. Though the movie happened to be multilingual, where many characters conversed in Arabic or Hindi, yet at an emotional and human level, they appeared to seek things in life that we all desire to achieve. It is this aspect of the movie that I believe enhanced it universal appeal and interest. For instance, it is indeed interesting to note that the Emirati young man Faisal, who mostly attires in Arab apparels and speaks Arabic, does not differ much from many American young men in the same age group. The dilemmas and issues faced by Faisal do not happen to be much different from the challenges faced by young people in America. Faisal is presented as torn between a desire to lead a life that is fast paced and engaging, and the family pressure to stick to traditions and to embrace a sense of responsibility. He is shown as being tagged to an age group, where the desire for self assertion and freedom contradict with the pressures accompanying growing up. The very fact that he is born in a life of affluence, he is not able to appreciate as to how lucky he is. The scene in the movie when Faisal returns late at night and the next morning he is awaken

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